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Cozy Comfort Quilt

This project is a wallhanging by Debbie Mumm, the 'Cozy Comfort Quilt'. Unfortunately this pattern is no longer available on Debbie Mumm's site. This pattern was also available in a smaller size. 


I have altered some blocks, because I make this wallhanging in a smaller size, and some blocks became too small ! I piece the blocks by hand or by machine, and some are paperpieced.

On 17th August 2002 I have finished the top, and I have added a border in one of the plaid fabrics I have used for the roofs of the houses. The wallhanging is handquilted and I have finished the wallhanging with a darkblue binding.
In May 2003 I finally finished the quilt, see picture below!

Please click the thumbnail to have a better view:

And here's the finished quilt! Please click the thumbnail: